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The list of cars I have owned since 1968.

1953 Morris Oxford MO I owned this car from early in 1968 to early 1969.
Hillman Minx I had the Minx from a friend at work but it only lasted two months in 1970.
1962 Ford Cortina Mk 1 The Cortina I bought from another work friend and this I owned for over a year in 1971
1963 Austin Cambridge I traded the Ford into a garage for the Austin Cambridge in 1972.
1966 Land Rover 88" Yet another work friend had this Land Rover which I bought from him in 1973.
1973 Toyota Celica ST The Celica I owned from late 1973 to 1975 .
VW Beetle While we were in South Africa we owned the Beetle from 1975 to 1977.
Bedford CF minibus We had the minibus when we came back to the UK from 1978 to 1981.
1966 Land Rover 88" The Landy was bought after the minibus rusted away in 1981 and kept until 1987.
1976 Land Rover 88" The old Landy was on its way out so the Series III was bought in early 1987 and kept until September 1988.
1972 Land Rover 109" The 88" was getting a bit small so the LWB Safari was bought in August 1988 and is still with us.
At the begining of July 2009 it passed it's 21st MOT since I bought it .
1986 Austin Metro During the 1990's we had a number of Austin Metro's .
1962 Land Rover 88" This is Sam's Landy he bought in 1997 and says he will never part with it.
1996 Rover 100 (2001 - 2007)This has been Clares main transport to work from 2001 to 2007.
1995 Rover 620 (2001 - 2009)Sam bought the 620 when he started full time work. Then Ben bought it from him in 2003
2003 MGZR Sam bought the MGZR for that New car feeling in 2003
2007 Citroen C1 We bought this little beauty in July 2007 . Citroen C1
2009 Fiat Punto This is Ben's new car. The Rover 620 went as the scrapage allowance in June 2009 Fiat Punto Grande

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