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Citroen C1

Citroen C1

Citroen C1 engine bay Citroen C1 engine bay

A year on and the first service is due 9 June 2008

I took the Citroen into the main dealers for its first service this morning.
Picked it up about 1pm, no major problems just a slow puncture in the rear offside tyre. The total cost was 162.54 which didn't include fixing the tyre, will take it Kwik-Fit later.

Two years on and the second service is due 9 June 2009

I took the Citroen C1 into the dealers this morning for its second service. One of the mechanics there said at the 2 year service it really needed the brake fluid changing, at a cost of 39.00 I have worked on the Land Rover brakes often enough to know that this cost is reasonable, especially for a main dealer so I told them to go ahead.
About an hour later they phoned to say the tyres were close to the limit and the two rear ones had slow punctures so they needed new ones. The Michelin ones were about 68.00 each so I checked on Kwik-Fit and that seemed reasonable too. I didn't want budget tyres on this car since we use it daily and better tyres last much longer, so we'll see!

Job DescriptionValue
Carry out 20000 mile/ 2 year service112.00
Oil filter10.72
Drain plug gasket1.23
2 Tyres Michelin132.00
Carried out brake fluid change20.00
Sub Total292.61

The garage sent me a SMS txt message about 4:30pm saying the car would be ready about 5:00pm which was when I collected it.

Third Service and MOT June 2010

I changed the windscreen wiper blade at the beginning of June 2010 at a cost of about 16.00 from Halfords.

The front tyres had been getting close to the limit for a couple of months so I had two new Goodyear Duragrip ones fitted at a total cost of 130.00 including balancing and disposal of the old ones.

The service and MOT were done by the main dealer on June 4th at a total cost of 129.15 including the MOT test which cost 30.00 so the cost this year all came to 275.15

March 2011 Clutch problem

See the main page for details but the whole job took just one day and cost 322.80

June 2011 MOT

On Thursday 2 June 2011 the Citroen C1 passed its second MOT test at a cost of 49.00

November 1 2011 Power Steering

The power steering ecu was faulty, a second-hand one was tried and this worked, so the repair cost 288.00

June 12 2012 MOT and service

The Goodyear Duragrip tyres had lasted 2 years, they would have lasted longer but I think they may have failed the MOT so I got them replaced with 2 155/65 T 14 Kumho KH17 75T tyres at a total cost inc VAT of 90.00 from Best Tyres at Sandyford.


MOT and full service was done on 12 June 2012

Job DescriptionValue
Sub Total139.80

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