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Ben's Fiat Punto (June 2009)

Collecting the Fiat Punto

Collecting the Fiat Punto

Ben's Fiat Punto Grande 1.4 8v Active

It was May 2009 when the government introduced the scrapage allowance, and Ben's Rover 620 was elegible for this discount off a new car.
He decided on a Fiat Punto and on Saturday afternoon we went with him to Platts in Longton to buy one.

Details of the Rover 620

1995 Red Rover 620 M774 OOE
Taxed until 1 Feb 2010
MOT expires 7 July 2009
Mileage at 23 May 2009 163605
I rang Crossways 215307 for a replacement MOT certificate for the 620.

Tuesday 26 May

Don from Platts rang me and asked me to ring Norwich Union on 0800 015 1392 to get a free 7day cover note so that he could get the car registered, it could be here next week. He wants me to 'pop' in on Thursday to sign some documents, Ben will come after he finishs work at 6pm.

Platts 599600
Dealer ref#: 8957000
7 days cover 29/5/09 - 4/6/09
Had to have a quote for the next 12 months so they needed a load of details, like have I got no-claims discount and all that. A bit difficult because the only no-claims I have is on Sam's Landy with NFU, but Ben has some no-claims so we will have to sort it out later.
Their quote came to 720.57 but could be 493.00 if I have 4 years no-claims but I haven't, and Ben only has 18 mnths, so that could be fun.
Quote ref#: 036443008

Thursday 11 June

Spoke to Don at Platts, the car is there, I need to go in to sign the finance documents again, they seem to have misplaced them!!
I went in to sign these at 14:25 today.
I also had to ask Ben about what stripe he wanted. On the Fiat website it is the High sidestripe race circuit design as in the picture below:

Friday 19 June

Someone rang from Platts yesterday, Ben's car is ready and there is a question about them being able to keep it there for the next two weeks.

Platts: 599600

I rang Don this morning but he was with someone, so he will ring back.
After a couple of misses eventually spoke to Don at 2:45pm and he doesn't want to keep the car there so I will go fetch it tomorrow morning about 11:00am.
I phoned Norwich Union, sorry Aviva, on 0845 3011 915 and got the car added to our motor insurance for 30 days at a cost of 42.00, so that's not bad.

Saturday 20 June

I took the Rover 620 into Platts and picked up the Fiat Punto this morning.
Initial reactions are very positive!!
The seats and driving position are fully ajustable and only a minor change in the slope of the seat back was needed for my comfort.

I spent most of Saturday afternoon playing with the Blue & Me bluetooth hands free kit which is a standard fitting in the Punto. This comes with its own 80 page manual and a Quick User's Guide this is as well as the main 230 odd page Owner's Manual and 26 page Sound System manual.
In the pack were a number of other items like the code card for the radio and a welcome letter.

I was able to pair my mobile phone with the car, the car came up with the passcode, and receive a call using the steering wheel buttons. A USB memory stick with some MP3 music tracks was inserted in the socket in the glove box and these played without any problem. The sound system is quite impressive too, well it sounded good to me, not that I have a very good ear for such things.
It will be a while before I've read the books let alone tried all the things it can do.

Fiat Punto fuel record
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Fiat Punto Grand 1.4 Active

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