MGZR 2003

Sam bought the MGZR in 2003

Sam just wanted that NEW car feeling!.

The twin-cam K-Series engine in the MGZR

Under the bonnet/hood is the K-Series twin-cam 16 valve engine, which in this case has behaved very well. The head gasket went after 5 years and over 100,000 miles, not bad really compared to some of these engines.

Wiring to rear hatch

Some time ago Sam has a problem with the electrics on the MGZR. At one point the door locking wouldn't work and the windows didn't work properly. Eventually the fault was traced to an intermittent short circuit and broken wires in the cables going from the rear of the car to the hatch cover.
The cables which bend everytime the rear door is opened and closed had frayed and some were broken. The insulation had become brittle and cracked on a number of these wires. The broken ones were re-connected and then covered with tape. This lasted for a year or so but the problem keeps recurring.
Now we are looking at some alternative solutions.
On The Citroen C1 the hatch is just a single piece of glass, with no metal frame, and the wiring is in the form of a very flexible curly cord. This may be a solution for the MG too.

About ten wires need sorting, the wire could come from VWP:


September 8th 2009, after a suspected break-in the battery on the MG was not holding it's charge so a new one was fitted, a Halfords calcium with a 4 year guarantee at a cost of 67.00

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