Land Rover 109 Safari accident in North Wales

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The Rover 200 and my Land Rover Series III Safari accident

The Rover 200 after the accident

We had decided to go for a run to Snowdon but unfortunately we never got there.
As we were traveling along the A5 towards Betws-y-coed we approached the junction with the A4501 to Bala and this silver Rover 200 pulled out just as the front of the Land Rover passed by.

A clear road with good visibility

Land Rover front wasn't touched

The car caught the Land Rover just behind the front wheel, bending the bottom rear of the wing in.

Then the car scrapped along the side of the Landy piearcing the door skins of both doors and also somehow putting a hole in the central door pillar just above the hinge.

Continued on the repair page