Land Rover 109 Safari repair after the accident.

Most of the parts arrived quite quickly.

The new parts arrive.

There had been a suggestion from one supplier that the hole in the door pillar should just be filled, but I had put new ones in when I did the rebuild in 1998 and I didn't want to compromise on this. The insurance company were very good, accepting that I could do the work myself and providing sufficient funds to replace all the damaged panels and door pillar which includes the bottom rail as well. All the parts came from LR Centre near Liverpool

A bit of a paint job.

The outer wing panel and the door tops and bottoms were painted with a couple of coats of limestone and left for a day or two to dry.

The hole in the pillar

The damage to the door and the hole in the door pillar can be seen here. The door post and frame was fairly rusty so a complete replacement was really needed.

Removing the wing

It was going to be easier to just remove the outer wing than take of the whole wing itself, or so I thought, after all its only nuts and bolts holding it on.
But some if not most of those nuts and bolts were well rusted and almost impossible to get a spanner on them, up under the top of the wing especially.
So out came the jig saw and I cut through the old panel as close to the edge as possible and then managed to get all the bolts off.

Once the all the old outer wing panel was off I could clean everything up and put some paint on the footwell. The fibre glass coating over the footwells I had done during the rebuild has stood the test of time (almost 10 years) with no signs of rust.

it was easier fitting the new nuts and bolts to hold the outer wing on than taking the old ones off.

The wing looks good now

Now the wing is done I could start on the doors.

I am hoping to fit door trims from La Salle so I didn't paint the inside of the doors.

The door pillar didn't come until until the end of July

It was well packed even though a funny shape.

I unpacked it and hung it in the garage to be painted.

Now the old one had to be removed. There were large headed pop-rivets (blind rivets) holding the frame to the rear tub, so they had to be drilled out.

This was the hole that something off the Rover 25 made during the impact, I can't imagine what it could have been.

All the nuts and bolts came off easily, they had only been there 9 years and were well greased when I fitted them then.

The hardest part was manouvering the old frame about to actually get it out, but it came off in the end. The new went in easier than the old one came out.

The repair was finished and we went camping the following weekend.

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